UT Gardens, Crossville:
Plateau Discovery Gardens

Our KinderGarden/Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom continues to be a highlight of the Gardens. We have more visitors than ever and continuous requests to utilize the space. Kindergarten field trips are always a hit, but we now have preschool, pre-K, homeschool, and mom groups too. Some even volunteer to help maintain the space. It is thrilling to see how much enjoyment comes from learning through nature.

We strive to keep our Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom in great shape and continue to add more fun and educational aspects. This year we replaced the well-used sandbox, planted some giant, tropical treasures, and started our new plant zoo. Plants with animal names and accompanying whimsical signs are such a fun way for children to learn. So far we have Elephant Ear, Hens and Chicks, Lamb’s Ear, and Monkey Grass. We will continue to add more to the plant zoo collection.

Another exciting share this year was a featured article in ‘Our Tennessee’ magazine about art in our KinderGarden. We have some very talented Master Gardeners that painted mural puzzles, flower pots, and alphabet wheel. The art, structures, musical instruments, plants, interactive games, and activities provide a unique space and offer plenty of fun and education.