The Nature Explore Classroom at

Wanda Mikes Early Education Center

Wanda Mikes Early Education Center’s Nature Explore Classroom is an amazing open space outdoor learning environment.

Our Nature Explore Classroom offers a positive effect on our children, specifically, those who are living in inner-city areas that are limited to outdoor play opportunities.The outdoor space is filled with an assortment of natural materials and activities for children to learn through play while developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

We intend to provide an inviting, engaging and safe outdoor environment for children. Our children are encouraged to explore and interact with each other and their teachers as they investigate dirt, search for insects with magnifying glasses and create art with leaves, flowers, and pine cones. Our outdoor classroom is a powerful teaching tool. It connects our students with the natural world. Children are able to dig, play in water, plant items, and create music. They learn about what nature has to offer. Our outdoor classroom also helps children to appreciate and respect natural resources.


7720 South Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90044