Waterford School

This year we wanted the recertification to include the voices of our students. We asked them two questions. What is your favorite thing to do in the outdoor classroom and what do you love most about the outdoor classroom? Here is what they said:

Question: What is your favorite thing to do in the outdoor classroom?

Evie: I love to go down the twisty slide with my friends.

Ivy: I like to go in the playhouse and pretend I am working in a restaurant. I use the tools and make pretend food for my friends.

Aaliyah: I love to go sledding on tunnel hill when there is snow.

Seneca: I love the swings. I can get on and pump all by myself to go so high!

Logan: I like to go sledding on tunnel hill.

Wiley: I like to push my friends on the swing.

Harvey: I love to play on the swings.

June: I love to pretend there are sharks on the grass with my friends.

Jacob: I love rolling the tires down tunnel hill.

Bodhi: I love to jump and fly across the tree stumps.

William: I like to do a Mario race with Bodhi on the pavement.

Daniel: I like to make paths with chalk on the sidewalk for my friends to follow.

Kozette: I love the swings.

Bowen: I love the swings and playing on the fire pole. I also love sledding down the snowy tunnel hill.

Naavya: I love to do cartwheels in the grass.

Sadie: I love to play on the slide and go down the fire pole.

Maya: That we can play!

Rowan and Eason: The swings!

Rowan: I like the houses cause you can make basically anything in there!

Olive – I like to climb up tunnel hill

Alanna – I like climbing on that little rocky thingy!

Loretta – I like it when we get to run a lot on the grass!

Question: What do you love most about the outdoor playground?

Aria: I like the slides

Aurellia: I like to play lions in the tunnel.

Brooke: I like to slide down the pole.

Charlie: I like to walk through the tunnels and slide down tunnel hill.

Emilio: I love outside. I like to play with the shovels and dig holes.

Felix: I like to play in the sandbox and make houses.

Finn: I like to roll down tunnel hill and play Ninjas.

Grace: Going down the slide in a train.

Jude: All of it! Mostly logs and tunnel hill.

Liam: Playing choo choo train down the slide.

Liv: The slides! I like to pretend that a monster is eating me so I have to hold onto the slide.

Maya: I like to build with the blocks in the tunnel.

Oliver: I like to play construction in the sandbox. I use the shovels and I build bridges.

Stella: Playing on the slide.

Winston: I like playing on the slides

Zoe: I like to run up and down tunnel hill.