Westport Weston
Cooperative Nursery School


The Co-op Outdoor Classroom is the highlight of the children’s day as well as a week-end play destination for our families. The area offers opportunities for creative play in every area.

The mud kitchen for cooking up herbal stews and soups. Our stationary climbers and slides become mountains to climb with quick escapes. The tire swing is a most social setting. problems are solved, alliances built and stories shared.The sandbox is a training ground for future engineers and contractors. Children dig holes part way to middle earth and lay boards to be a bridge. They bury plastic pipes and dig them up again, then funnel water inside to see where it pours out.

The bike track ranges from a beginner course to a speedway depending on what age group is in the space. Our green house is a lovely, sunny spot to raise our seeds in early spring. We will transplant to our flower garden or our vegtable beds. We have a small book swap library in our Outdoor Classroom as well as a music wall for composing on the run. The space is the children’s workshop, everchanging as their brainstorming commands.