Westwood Early Childhood Center

Over the past year we have had two additions to our outdoor sites that have made the spaces extra special for our children and educators. One of the additions is a mud kitchen that was handcrafted by a WECC family. We had an old mud kitchen that needed an upgrade for safety reasons. The family worked together with children in the PreK class along with other educators to come up with a plan. The mud kitchen includes two sinks, a stove area and multiple shelves.

Another addition to our outdoor spaces are cut stumps and wood cookies. A family had a tree that fell over in a storm and they were quick to ask WECC if we had any use for the wood. Currently the wood cookies are often used for “don’t touch the ground” and hopscotch. The taller stumps are used with the older children and encourage balance and risk taking. We are so blessed to have great families as partners to help update our outdoor spaces!