The Nature Explore Classroom at

Woodlands Little Learners Playspace

Woodlands Little Learners has been open since 2004 in Woodland Michigan. We are a home group child care in the county on 12 acres in a wonderful small community. We enjoy spending as much time outside as possible with the children. The children enjoy running trails and taking walks to the woods. Many discoveries have been made including raspberries growing on paths, mulberry trees and an apple tree.

We decided our main fenced in play area needed to reflect more nature elements. After looking into Nature Explore we decided to incorporate it into our fenced in space. We began to bring back items from our walks along the property making sure the kids have access to nature all day. The kids really enjoy creating items from things they find in nature.

A children’s garden was created within the fence so that the kids could access it all day. The kids help plant flowers and veggies and tend them.They are allowed to use the flowers for art and other projects they may want to do. They enjoy picking fresh veggies and fruits that they help plant in their space. All while promoting healthy eating and learning how things grow.

Our sand area is huge and allows for lots of kids to play at once. Thanks to the IFF grant that our state offered we were able to purchase quality items for the kids to play with in this area. We utilize real shovels, pots and pans along with nature items. In the back corner of this area we have a real boat where the kids can pretend to take adventures to far away lands.

Our play area also has lots of items to climb, crawl, swing, and relax on while providing a variety of opportunities for kids to use all their large and small motor skills while having fun.

We provide all outside gear for the children in our care making daily outside time possible for everyone throughout all of Michigan’s seasons. Parents have really enjoyed that we do this. Being able to get kids out in all elements is a great benefit for the kids.


8481 E Carlton Center
Woodland, MI 48897