Your Little Artist Preschool

We are in our third year of Nature Explore and thrilled to continue this journey.
Being intentional about our work with children in an outdoor environment keeps students and teachers creative and engaged together.

I’ve also learned this past year the importance of less teacher direction in the environment, I may add things here or there but I’ve stepped more fully into my role as a facilitator and am focused on supporting children in developing their own executive functioning and “thinking outside the box” skills. Through this my children, usually starting at age 2.5-4, have more depth to their play, they are not waiting for an adult to tell them what to do or “entertain” them.

Over time they are taking in information from the environment and seeing what is available to use to create a desired outcome. This has translated to tent building, using gutters and garden drain scraps to create ramps, sleuces and working together on their engineering skills. I’m grateful to continue to be a part of supporting a future of creative thinkers!