Child Development Institute’s
Early Learning Center

Our Nature Explore Classroom in Canoga Park continues to connect vulnerable families with young children to a variety of free supports and services.

More than ever, post-pandemic young children and caregivers need a safe space to reconnect with other children and families to practice social-emotional skills and learn to navigate relationships. Many families have reported feelings of isolation and compromised mental health, including depression, and increased generalized and social anxiety. CDI can facilitate experiences that promote engagement that respect the individualized needs and differences of families.

In our beautiful space Outdoor Garden, staff and volunteers can observe children in play and bridge the relational gaps to identify children and families most at risk of support and/or interventions. Play in the garden gives family much-needed social connections and safe spaces to identify and manage stress/overwhelm. CDI has utilized the garden to provide Covid vaccines to the community as well as a site to distribute essentials items such as produce, diapers and hygiene.