Explorations Child Care


We have had a busy past year. We were able to offer some trainings in our outdoor classroom to teach local providers more about the benefits of children in nature. We hosted our Annual Family Fun Friday where parents and grandparents came for bbq and an evening of play in our outdoor classroom. Watching the families interact with their children and grandchildren in the space we have created was inspiring to us and future plans were made. We took advantage of our annual event to share ways children learn in our outdoor classroom with the families that joined us.

This Spring a neighbors tree fell on the children’s pirate ship which was sad for them and disappointing for us but we were able to reuse some of the tree for our classroom and no worries we built the children a new pirate ship just in time for our Annual Family Fun Friday event.

This year our city experienced a drought big enough to put us in Stage 4 restrictions so the children helped us collect water through buckets and we planted some drought resistent plants to add to our landscape. We are excited to recertify and continue to use our outdoor classroom for trainings and learning opportunites for our community.