Green Sprouts, LLC




Maintaining our Classroom

The staff at Green Sprouts has been instrumental in sustaining our outdoor classroom. Kayleen Stolarz, our preschool/kindergarten teacher, prepared the yard for winter and stored materials that would be damaged. Last year’s tremendous snowfalls collapsed our garden boxes. Kayleen, along with the help and enthusiasm of the children, removed the damaged boxes and created a new garden with three 3’ x 3′ heavy duty garden boxes. The honeysuckle that was planted alongside the entrance has been growing nicely and is starting to cover the arbor. Kayleen and the children constantly replenish the bird feeders which have attracted many birds. Our landscaping company delivered new sand, dirt, bark mulch and stone dust to replace what was lost during the winter.

Family Event

On Saturday, June 28, children and families of Green Sprouts came together to celebrate International Mud Day. The children delighted in pouring, smearing, and getting messy with the mud. Families also enjoyed reading mud books, such as Mud by Mary Lyn Ray and Ducks in Muck by Kevin Lewis. To end the celebration, dirt snacks made of pudding, Oreo cookies and gummy worms were served. To learn more about International Mud Day go to