The Nature Explore Classroom at

Nature’s Pointe Cooperative Preschool

The Nature Explore Classroom certification is a natural progression of our philosophy. Nature’s Pointe is a play-based, nature-oriented school.

We use natural materials that invite children to explore, paint, collage, and transition easily from indoors to outdoors. The outdoor classroom enhances children’s experiences through how they learn best. It reaches all seven of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory by using natural elements of the surrounding area and adds in nature and existential. The large space allows the children to connect with what is within their reach. They learn to care for the plants and materials and discover how they change. Also, nature provides a variety of loose

The large, open outdoor space was a huge factor in choosing our location. We knew we could benefit greatly, but because of budget limitations, we could not move forward with our outdoor classroom plans. Shortly thereafter, one of our members received an inheritance and generously donated to our outdoor classroom. The donation was the first step towards realizing our vision. We installed a patio, climber, and other large-motor equipment.

Each year we continue to improve and add on to the space. Our teachers attended Nature Explore workshops, and we discussed certification with our families and Board of Directors. We formed an Outdoor Classroom Committee and created designs and a master plan.

In addition to the required areas, our outdoor classroom includes a large hill the children use for running, climbing,
and sledding. We have an open grassy field, as well as a wooded area for the children to hike and explore. Our
future plans include creating a pathway for the bicycles and wheeled toys, expanding the sandbox, and building a

Because we are a cooperative preschool, our members are very involved with the space. Each year, we use our
members’ talents to improve the outdoor classroom. We have workdays with families to build, plant, weed and


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