The Nature Explore Classroom at

Perfect Praise Learning Center

Recently, Tina Reeble conducted a Working with Nature Explore Outdoor Classrooms training at our site.

We were tremendously blessed to see her face light-up when she realized she had been the designer of our outdoor classroom. Not only that, but to witness the 67 attendees of the training enjoying the features of the space was amazing. If adults could be that excited, can you imagine our children’s excitement?

Within the next few weeks, we will have to import more dirt for our digging mound, because our children love to dig and hunt for treasure. We will plant new trees for additional shade, and butterfly bushes to add beauty to our outdoor space. Our children enjoy outdoor story time, making music, building, investigating, and utilizing every aspect of their outdoor classroom. Our prayer is that our classroom will get better and better with each passing year.

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